Communities protecting the values of West Kimberley Ramsar sites

Rangelands NRM will engage with eight community groups in order to achieve better collaboration to reduce the spectrum of threats posted to the Ramsar-listed Roebuck Bay and to a lesser extent, 80 Mile Beach.

The project will have two main foci – community engagement to encourage adoption of practices that minimise harm to the Ramsar-listed sites as well as on-ground activities (surveys and improved land management practices) to reduce threats.

Rangelands NRM will largely deliver these outcomes through two key partnerships with Roebuck Bay Working Group (RBWG) and Nybama Buru Yawuru Country Managers. By partnering with RBWG, Rangelands NRM will continue to be on the forefront of challenging the general public to take ownership for protecting the unique values of the bay. Rangelands NRM will also continue to invest in the expansion of capacity and capability of the Yawuru Country Managers to investigate and mitigate threats through on-ground activities.