Finding common ground to protect Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area

The Ningaloo Coast is the world’s largest fringing reef and is internationally significant for its biological diversity but increasingly, invasive species (plant and animal) are emerging as a significant threat to the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area (WHA).

The project will work to immediately address current issues with predators (cats, feral dogs, foxes) which are impacting on the two largest mainland nesting sites of Loggerhead turtles in WA. Rangelands NRM will also work with community group to address the threat posed by invasive weed species that are reducing the vegetative diversity of the Ningaloo WHA.

Rangelands NRM will target pastoralists that are active in the area to establish/ strengthen existing partnerships between State Government agencies, pastoral producer groups and community conservation groups, in order to promote and encourage adoption of best practice to reduce production impacts on the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area.