Improved fire regimes

Title: Kimberley and Pilbara Fire Project

Overview: The project is underway across the area of the Dampier Peninsula and the Northern Pilbara. It is working directly with pastoralists from Yeeda Pastoral Company (on leases Yeeda, Kilto and Mt Jowlaenga) in the West Kimberley and with Yarrie Station in the De Grey River catchment. These stations are key “fire potential” sites for the Dampier Peninsular and De Grey Catchment Priority Areas. This project aims to improve the relationships that Rangelands NRM has with these pastoralists and also play a key role in developing knowledge on fire management from a pastoral perspective and will be shared widely.

Delivery organisation

  • Sarah Legge, Research Leader Threatened Species Recovery Hub
  • Richard Glover, Landscape Scientist Contour Consulting
  • Yarrie Station
  • Yeeda Pastoral Company (on leases Yeeda, Kilto and Mt Jowlaenga)

Outcomes: The project is providing a practical engagement framework for pastoralists to develop sound fire management knowledge for the management of their properties. Fire management strategies will be developed that will increase pastoral lease profitability by protecting pastoral infrastructure and productive land systems from late season wildfire. It is also hoped that strategic biodiversity protection corridors will be creating, linking other landscape scale fire management projects. Additional outcomes include reduction in sedimentation and improved soil cover in key catchments, reduction of occurrence and impacts from un-managed late dry season fires, establishment of framework to ensure improvement in land condition over time.




Chris Curnow

Grey Mackay