Reducing risks to malleefowl habitat across the WA southern rangelands

Through the Rangelands NRM Malleefowl project, Rangelands NRM will continue to support the initiatives and commitments of Traditional groups of the WA rangelands desert region, targeting the Great Victoria and the Little Sandy Desert, to identify and protect Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellate) populations as well as treat threats as identified in the Malleefowl National Recovery Plan.

Rangelands NRM will engage Indigenous rangers and their selected partners to conduct 50,000ha of fire management, treat 11,000ha for pest animals (predators and large feral herbivores) as well as treat 1,000ha for invasive weed species.

Rangelands NRM will also enable the continue collaboration of Indigenous groups with nationally and regionally relevant organisations such as the Indigenous Desert Alliance and the Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust to conduct surveys, exchange knowledge and update national malleefowl databases with new information on malleefowl densities and populations within remote, arid regions.


  • Indigenous Desert Alliance – ‘Wiluna Martu extending Nganamara conservation action’
  • Spinifex/Pilki People – ‘Spinifex Malleefowl’