Regional Landcare Facilitator

Title: Regional Landcare Facilitator

Overview: Regional Landcare Facilitators are part of a national network of skilled people that link and support community Landcare and production groups participating in sustainable farm and land management practices. The RLF position is supported by the National Landcare Programme, which funds one full-time position in each of the 56 NRM regions. At Rangelands NRM, Kane Watson is in this role. The Rangelands NRM RLF can assist with:

  • group facilitation and planning
  • governance issues
  • implementing improved project management & administration practices
  • sourcing information on particular NRM/sustainable pastoralism issues
  • providing avenues to source funding and other support
  • providing advice, assistance and feedback on funding applications
  • providing cash support for groups to undertake workshops/seminars/field days, on-station demonstration sites and development of publications
  • providing support for individual community members to attend conferences, events or training activities
  • contact and support for groups and individuals.

The RLP also provides feedback to the Australian Government and National Landcare Facilitator Network on emerging issues and current attitudes and activities in their NRM region.

Delivery organisation: Kane works with all land managers, producer groups, regional bodies and interested parties including Regional Biosecurity Groups (RBGs) and Local Conservation District Committees (LCDCs).

Outcomes: Kane provides on-ground support for pastoral land managers and their representative regional organisations and producer groups in the rangelands. He encourages them to undertake sustainable land management suited to their business and their area through participation workshops, demos and trials. He recognises that different groups are at different stages of development and have different needs and is happy to discuss individual situations.

Recent key outcomes have included:

  • Reflections tour – bringing people together across the southern rangelands to learn from previous efforts.
  • Cunyu TGP workshop – progressive land managers learning from each other on the land, building leadership and capacity. For further information see Case Study Cunyu Station: an example in profitable sustainable pastoralism (2016)
  • Rangelands Rehydration Workshops – taking professional services for erosion control to the regions on stations.
  • EMU tutorials – now transferring skills and interest garnered from the workshops to individual land manager tutorials. This is providing ‘real’ onground outcomes.
  • Low Stress Stockmanship – demonstrating the links of stock, environment and efficiency to sustainable agriculture.
  • Grant writing capacity building – seeing regional groups gain confidence and have success in accessing funds
  • Cactus control – partnering with regional groups to tackle Weeds of National Significance

Investment: The Regional Landcare Facilitator is supported by the National Landcare Programme, which funds one full-time position in each of the 56 NRM regions


Kane Watson


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