Roebuck Bay Working Group


Roebuck Bay Community Protecting Ramsar Values (PJ15102)
Reducing Nutrients entering Ramsar listed Roebuck Bay (PJ131101)


The Roebuck Bay Working Group (RBWG) works to raise awareness and encourage research and monitoring, to manage and protect Roebuck Bay in Broome. The emphasis is on its natural and cultural values and status as a Ramsar, National Heritage listed wetland and Yawuru Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park.

Delivery organisation

The Roebuck Bay Working Group (RBWG). RBWG formed in 2004 and became incorporated in July 2014 with over 30 members, establishing it as the key stakeholder group for Roebuck Bay and the community.


Through monitoring and research, the Group has identified the key issues and brought about significant changes to reduce nutrients draining into Roebuck Bay, a key threat to Ramsar values. Outcomes include changes to drain management and planting native species to strip nutrients.

Rangelands NRM also partnered with RBWG and Inspiring Australia to support the ‘Science on the Broome Coast’ talks that began in 2014, covering topics such as migratory shorebirds, jellyfish and turtles, the dinosaurs tracks, impact of stormwater and groundwater on Lyngbya blooms, and climate change. We also partner with them on the Mud and Saltwater Short Film Festival, which encourages amateur and professional filmmakers to showcase the natural and cultural values of Roebuck Bay via film.


Kandy Curran – Roebuck Bay Working Group Project Manager



“Through Rangelands NRM financial support, the RBWG has become an important group of stakeholders that works with scientists and the local community to ensure appropriate management and protection of Roebuck Bay’s extraordinary natural and cultural values.” Grey Mackay, Kimberley Program Manager, Rangelands NRM


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