Education – Drone Induction Course

Rangelands NRM has partnered with The Institute for Drone Technology to launch an online NRM Drone Induct Platform. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or Drone Technology in the sub 2Kg category is becoming increasingly popular and being adopted by many environmental practitioners to better manage their natural resources.

By using these emerging technologies, we can become more efficient in business and navigate previously complicated conditions using a safe and less invasive method.

Whilst operating a sub 2Kg does not require a CASA commercial license, Rangelands NRM are offering an online Drone Induction and Training program to provide:

  1.  An induction program ensuring staff, contractors and anyone operating drones understands the systems and procedures to be followed by the organisation;
  2. Base level training for anyone interested in using a Drone;
  3. Manager Induction as separate module to inform and manage staff; and
  4. A full suite of RPA Governance documents to integrate into existing safety management policies and procedures.

The cost of training is $150.00 plus GST. To find out more information please see below link.


Video – (1) Drone Induct Video Promo – YouTube