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Rangelands Fire Forum harbours good discussion and collaboration

Nearly 40 people attended the inaugural cross-regional NRM Fire Forum last month to share, discuss and learn from each other’s experiences across the WA rangelands.

The Fire Forum, initiated by Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) and supported Rangelands NRM was held at the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) facilities in Perth 19-20 February.

The discussion brought fire management to the forefront incorporating perspectives from biodiversity conservation, pastoral and Indigenous groups.

Rangelands NRM Operations Manager John Silver said the forum provided an opportunity for varied groups engaged in fire management across WA and beyond an opportunity to share experiences and look towards solutions.

“It’s really important to develop a shared understanding of, and commitment to implementing, an effective fire management regime for the WA rangelands,” he said.

Since European settlement, fire regimes across the WA rangelands have been altered resulting in more intense wildfires which have drastically affected the way the land is managed at the landscape scale.

The forum was facilitated by Craig Salt, Director of Sustainable Consulting and consisted of a number of excellent presentations on the history of fire management and projects as well as interactive group activities.

It was clear that there is a definite need to engage, share and communicate ideas across the WA rangelands and all parties were supportive of future collaboration and integrated action on ground.

“We’ve got a heap of people sharing knowledge and looking towards the future as to what we could be doing as a collective in terms of having the peak body and coming down to individual sub-regions and operating at that level,” Mr Silver said.

“Success would be everyone working towards a common objective of land management, managing environmental, cultural and pastoral values.  There are so many cross overs at the centre so it’s taking people on a journey so that they own the process, ultimately everyone wants fire to be better managed.”

“It’s the mosaic burn which will break the country up with the aim of protecting assets, those assets being productive pastoral country, environmental assets, infrastructure and places of cultural significance.”

For more information, contact John Silver by email or phone 08 9192 5771.