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Rangelands NRM continues to provide services to Regional Land Partnerships program

Rangelands NRM continues to be the preferred service provider to the Australian Government to deliver environmental and agricultural outcomes in the Rangelands Region for the next four years.

Rangelands NRM has already delivered year one of the Regional Land Partnerships, part of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Rangelands NRM will continue to focus on five projects for another four-years duration:

  • Communities protecting the values of West Kimberley Ramsar Sites
  • Finding common ground to protect Ningaloo Coast and Shark Bay World Heritage Areas
  • Reducing Risks to Bilby Habitat across the WA Northern Rangelands
  • Reducing Risks to Malleefowl Habitat across the WA Southern Rangelands
  • Creating a Community of Practice to manage for climate change across the WA rangelands

Community engagement is a key theme of the Regional Land Partnerships Program, with at least 20 per cent of project budgets supporting small, on-ground projects that are delivered by, or directly engage with the local landcare community.

“Our first year working with partners in the region has been very successful,” Rangelands NRM CEO Debra Tarabini-East said.

“We will continue with them to monitor threatened species and protect their habitats from fire, ferals and weeds.”

“We’re also working with pastoralists to improve land management through workshops and on-ground trials, encouraging adoption of best practice.”

For further information about the Regional Land Partnerships program, visit: www.nrm.gov.au/