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Rangelands NRM secures National Landcare Programme funding to 2018

[May 2015]

Rangelands NRM is pleased to announce Australian Government funding to 2018 which will support delivery of a raft of projects under the National Landcare Programme (NLP).

Rangelands NRM CEO Gaye Mackenzie said the new funding would ensure the organisation’s continued collaboration with Rangelands communities to identify and set regional priorities for investment in sustainable management of the region’s natural resources.

Under the NLP, funding will be allocated to larger delivery organisations, community and Indigenous groups to address natural resource management (NRM) and sustainable agricultural priorities.

“Rangelands NRM will combine our knowledge of networks and people to enable landscape-scale and catchment-wide projects as well as numerous individual projects,” she said.

The NLP provides around $90 million over four years to local projects that are undertaken by pastoralists, Indigenous, Landcare and other community groups.

Regional NRM organisations are tasked with determining appropriate delivery approaches in consultation with other parties with NRM and sustainable agricultural interests and responsibilities, to achieve the Program’s four strategic outcomes:

  • increase in the quality of landscape-scale management to reduce environmental threats and pressures
  • increase in the number of farmers and fishers adopting practices that improve the quality of the natural resource base, and the area of land over which those practices are applied
  • increased engagement and participation of the community, including landcare, farmers and Indigenous people, in sustainable natural resource management
  • increased restoration and rehabilitation of the natural environment, including protecting and conserving nationally and internationally significant species, ecosystems, ecological communities, places and values.

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