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Rangelands NRM supports WA pastoralists to learn about sustainable pastoralism

28 August 2012

Four West Australian pastoralists are spending this week at the BEHAVE course in Dubbo, NSW to learn about sustainable pastoralism.

As part of its Sustainable Pastoralism Program, Rangelands NRM is supporting the attendance of pastoralists Michael Clinch (Nallan Station, via Cue), Jason Hastie (Pingandy Station, Upper Gascoyne), Ross Wood (Kalgoorlie Pastoral Alliance) and Tom Jackson (Austin Downs Station, via Cue).

The BEHAVE (Behavioural Education for Human Animal Vegetation and Ecosystem management) Australia course runs from 27-31 August.  It is an adaptation of the highly successful BEHAVE Short Courses that Utah State University, USA has been conducting for Natural Resource Managers and Agency Staff over many years.

During the five days, participants will hear from Emeritus Professor Fred Provenza about his 30 years of research into animal behaviour and nutrition, as well as how local scientific findings of Dr Dean Revell and others have confirmed behavioural principles.  Agriculturalist Bruce Maynard will share ways that those principles are put into practice with stockmanship.

The Sustainable Pastoralism program run by Rangelands NRM encourages pastoralists to adopt participatory action learning embracing similar learning principles to that of ‘Bestprac’.

Dr Karen Cosgrove, Program Manager of Sustainable Pastoralism at Rangelands NRM is interested in hearing from interested people who would like to get together – form a group  and adopt action learning principles (similar to Bestprac) – to carry out specific field-based projects.

“We hope these types of group activities will help answer particular questions pastoralists may have about their landscape, business and livestock,” Dr Cosgrove said.



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More information about Behavioural Education for Human Animal Vegetation and Ecosystem management can be found at www.extension.usu.edu/behave

Bestprac is a program that provides support and assists rangeland sheep meat, wool and cattle producers to improve their business and production performance. Typically Bestprac groups participate in a combination of workshops, field days, research trials or study tours. But Bestprac is “more than just group meetings”; it is about networking, social support and motivation. The Bestprac approach has empowered groups and individuals to innovate and remain in the industry. More information can be found at http://www.bestprac.info/


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