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Rangelands NRM to introduce Drone Induction Course – Offering an alternative to better monitor natural resources

Rangelands NRM is excited to announce it has signed an agreement with The Institute for Drone Technology, to build a training course aimed at using drone technology for natural resource management.

“In the space of a few years, drone technology has been successfully used in a variety of ways to manage our country’s wonderful natural resources including for project planning, mapping revegetation, monitoring erosion and wildlife and performing baseline surveys”, says a rep from Rangelands NRM.

“We want to encourage people to get involved in this training program so they can implement some new techniques for their own management practices and see for themselves what an important role drone footage and aerial images can play.”

Designed for first time users, this new training has been developed from years of experience and will ensure that people new to using drones will know the rules and regulations and how to safely operate a drone within a natural resource management environment.

Gaining a commercial CASA accredited Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training is both expensive and time consuming. Importantly, it is not a CASA requirement for pilots to hold a RePL when flying drones under 2kg, even for commercial work. However, there are still CASA requirements and standard operating conditions that pilots must adhere to.

Rangelands NRM has identified a lack of training and induction available to pilots and organisations in this sub 2kg workplace. In conjunction with the Institute for Drone Technology, Rangelands has created an online NRM Induction course that allows pilots to gain competency and comply with these CASA requirements.

Costs have been kept to a minimum, at just $150+GST for anyone working or associated with the NRM sector.

It is important to acknowledge that this course is focused on induction – that is confirming a person’s knowledge about CASA regulations – rather than how to train in practical flying or methods to gather data.

Complimenting the training is a suite of documents that can be tailored to your organisation with an overarching drone policy, safety management procedures and safe work methods, offering a complete package ensuring your organisation covers duty of care and mitigates the risks associated with operating drones.

We will continue to build on the induction program working towards delivering practical ‘how to’ training, developing modules like creating quality orthomosaic maps and measuring erosion in the landscape.

If you would like to discuss further, please call 08 9468 8250 or enrol directly in the course here RangelandsWA NRM Drone Induct 2021 – (dronetechinstitute.com) or via courses@dronetechinstitute.com