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Rangers gather to learn and practice cane toad management


Twenty people from three ranger groups took part in a Cane Toad Ranger workshop held in Fitzroy Crossing in November to gain a better understanding of the approaching pest species.

Representatives attended from three ranger groups—Gooniyandi, Bunuba and Ngurrara.

The workshop was run by the Department of Parks and Wildlife with support from Rangelands NRM through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

It reinforced and helped rangers to understand the Cane Toad Management Handbook recently produced by partners the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife and Kimberley Toad Busters and collated by Rangelands NRM.

The handbook was produced to provide rangers with clear information about cane toad identification, handling, managing and monitoring.

The day also provided some hands on experience handling cane toads ahead of the front line.

Acting Bush Rangers Regional Coordinator (Kimberley), Amber Kennedy said the day ran very well and most left feeling they had a much better understanding of the cane toad and the necessary tools to identify them.

“We displayed live cane toads, undertook mini surveillance activities and watched ‘Reggie’ the cane toad detector dog in action,” she said.

“Our presentation was shared with each ranger group to enable them to inform members of their community.”

‘It was great to see such keen interest on the topic, given the cane toad front line will hit the Fitzroy area within the next one or two wet seasons,” Ms Kennedy said.

Image: Reggie the cane toad detector dog checks a pallet leaving Kununurra for the Mitchell Plateau (DPaW)