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Regional fire forum planned for Rangelands

Exchanging information, including two way learning between traditional owners and western science, will be a key theme of a regional fire forum planned by Rangelands NRM for 2013.

Traditional owners have shaped and managed their country using fire for thousands of years using it to hunt, promote food species, signal or clear areas. Further the use of fire is becoming an increasingly important aspect of natural resource management for Rangelands NRM projects.

For projects that are relatively new, there are a lot of questions and issues that are being encountered and it is difficult to find out about other projects. On the other hand, for older projects a lot has been learnt and their knowledge and views are constantly being requested by new groups.

The aim of the forum is to allow various NRM projects to share ideas and lessons learnt in a collaborative manner thereby avoiding the necessity for each group to go and visit other projects individually. The establishment of an on-going network around fire projects may be another outcome but that will be dependent upon the needs and interest of groups attending the forum.

The target audience for the forum will include Rangelands NRM funded projects, traditional owners, DEC staff, researchers, conservation organisations, fire projects in other regions and funding agencies.

For further information or to express interest in being involved contact Nicki Everson at nicki.everson@reddirtconsultants.com.au.