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Regional Landcare Facilitator – Update

[June 2016]

Thank you to all who have been in contact and the welcoming hospitality of all those I’ve met so far. Please keep the ideas flowing and be sure to let me know when your group is meeting next and pull me up to have a chat as I see you around. It has been great to get out and about over the past few months to meet you, and see what people are doing and want to do on the ground. Hopefully I will be around your way soon and we can discuss options to improve your country.

  • In an effort to increase the capacity of our regional groups and individuals we are holding a Grant Writing Course facilitated by Rangelands NRM and NACC on Thursday 21 July 2016. Presenting will be Mr Bevan Bessen of Tunablue in Dongara (Irwin Rec Centre).
  • Check out the ABC interview with pastoralist at Nallan Station, Michael Clinch.
  • Trap cameras can provide more than you expect. Thank you to Sandy Clinch for sharing this amazing photo.

Kane Watson