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Shark Bay stakeholders collaborate on Gutharragudda Land and Sea Country Plan

[August 2015]

Stakeholders in Shark Bay are near to completing the Gutharragudda Land and Sea Country Plan for the Malgana native title claim area of the world heritage precinct.

Rangelands NRM hosted two workshops in recent months, bringing together representatives from Denham and Carnarvon Malgana, Yadgalah Aboriginal Corporation, Big Island Research, Bush Heritage Australia, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and Shark Bay Salt.

Rangelands NRM’s Indigenous Project Manager Bevan Gray said the May 2015 workshop, the fourth of five, informed potential and current stakeholders of the Plan to seek their support and future involvement to implement activities identified in the Plan.

“We discussed that the draft plan would complement and reinforce existing planning for the project area,” he said.

“We wanted to gauge interest and commitments to the Plan through partnerships, community capacity building activities and providing certified training courses to enable it to be implemented.”

The June workshop, held at Yadgalah Aboriginal Corporation in Denham, delivered the first draft of the Plan to community.

A series of priority actions were drafted for the Plan, including:

  • the establishment of a Shark Bay Land and Sea Management Advisory Group that would facilitate information sharing between all stakeholders in the area
  • assessment of signage on Bernier and Dorre Island to determine accuracy of information
  • cultural and heritage mapping and assessment across a number of areas in Shark Bay to develop a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of these places
  • on-country field trips for school children from Denham and Carnarvon.

Discussions also included the importance of engaging the Malgana youth in Shark Bay and neighbouring Carnarvon.

The Plan will be presented to the Malgana native title working group for feedback this month and will be launched later this year.

For more information, contact Jane Bradley (Rangelands NRM) on 0499 977 107.

1) Stakeholders and Malgana folk with project staff at May 2015 workshop.
2) Gutharragudda Land and Sea Country Plan workshop May 2015.