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SOTA Photo Competition – Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Kaz Collins School of the Air Photo Competition!

We had 14 judges (board members, senior staff and sponsors) look though our photos and here are the results.

FIRST OVERALL: Jessica, Year 6, Kalgoorlie SOTA (Under the Eucla Jetty)
SECOND OVERALL: Matilda, Pre-Primary, Meekatharra SOTA (Amazing wildlife in the desert)

View winning photos overall

FIRST: Madison, Year 2, Meekatharra SOTA (Creek at Bulloo Downs Station)
SECOND: Cobey, Year 2, Carnarvon SOTA (My Brother Blake)
THIRD: Gabriel, Year 2, Meekatharra SOTA (Sunset at Mingah Springs Station)

View winning photos from Lower Primary

FIRST: Riley, Year 5, Kalgoorlie SOTA (Car in tree)
SECOND: Georgie, Year 5, Kalgoorlie SOTA (Turtle at Turtle water hole)
THIRD: Breanna, Year 3, Meekatharra SOTA (Pelican takes flight)

View winning photos from Middle Primary

FIRST: Denni, Year 6, Carnarvon SOTA (Bird flying to nest)
SECOND: Lucy, Year 6, Carnarvon SOTA (Lizard Lost)
THIRD: Taylor, Year 6, Kalgoorlie SOTA (Swim hole)

View winning photos from Upper Primary

Highly Commended:
Amber, Yr 2, KalSOTA
Eric, Yr1, KSOTA
Georgie, Kindy, CSOTA
DarcyM, Kindy, CSOTA
Darcie, Kindy, CSOTA
Leo, Pre-Primary, CSOTA
Cobb, Yr5, CSOTA
Jack, Yr5, KSOTA
Sophie, Yr 5, KalSOTA
Simon, Yr4, MSOTA
Kyle, Yr4, PHSOTA
Em, Yr7, MSOTA
Laticia, Yr7, KalSOTA
Sena, Yr6, KalSOTA

Congratulations to all the kids who have won, and all who entered. They were some amazing photos!

The prizes will be collated and sent to the individual schools for distribution to the kids. All kids will get a small prize and a certificate showing that they participated.

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