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Southern Rangelands Big Bash

The Southern Rangelands ‘Big Bash’ is going to be held over three days 22-24 October 2013.

On behalf of the Yalgoo Producers Group we would like to invite you to the ‘Southern Rangelands Sustainable Pastoralism Bash’ to be held on the 22, 23 and 24 October at Meka Station, Yalgoo.

The theme of the event is about working together in collaboration to manage total grazing pressure and predation. Speakers include Craig Alison from South West NRM Qld, Andrew Mosley Western Catchment Management Authority NSW, Greg Mifsud – Invasive Animals CRC Qld as well as local pastoralists, industry representatives and Rangelands NRM WA.

[Download the program]

For more information, contact Karen Cosgrove or Neil Grinham.

Please bring tents/swags and BYO drinks. RSVP by 5pm Friday 11 October
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