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Stakeholders meet to discuss Wiluna region on a landscape-scale

[January 2015]

Stakeholders working in the Wiluna region gathered together late last year to discuss development of a plan for future collaboration.

Rangelands NRM is building a reputation as an unbiased facilitator for diverse groups working towards a common goal in natural resource management.

Over 33 people from government, industry, NRM, pastoral and Indigenous sectors gathered at the Technology Park Function Centre in Perth on 28 November to participate in the workshop that was facilitated by David Galloway of Ferart.

This workshop followed on from an initial workshop in June 2014 that explored the practical aspects of Landscape-scale projects (LSP).

Rangelands NRM CEO Dr Gaye Mackenzie said the Wiluna region was put forward as a real example of a possible LSP by the Central Desert Native Title Service (CDNTS) as a key region.

“The groups wanted to bring together people from associated areas where work is being carried out,  and where we can build on existing work in a more coordinated fashion,” Dr Mackenzie said.

The workshop aimed to use an enquiry by design process to identify the various values of the stakeholders and to look at developing a plan for future development.

A number of directions that were workshopped in smaller groups included: funding, governance, barriers and projects.

“This was a great opportunity for the diverse stakeholders in the room to articulate their values and discuss issues in the context of an area of the rangelands that many had a close association with,” Dr Mackenzie said.

Other participants provided positive feedback:

  • A gathering of a wide representation of industries and opinions, [the workshop was] well facilitated, with clear outcomes decided upon prior to the event.
  • [The workshop] got key people together and started a key process.
  • People are clearly interested and engaged and want to think ‘landscape scale’.

Following the workshop, Rangelands NRM worked with CDNTS to submit an application to the Mid-West Development Commission to fund a coordinator to coordinate and develop this as a LSP project.

Image: Disussing future directions in smaller workshop groups (Photo: Penny Cooke)