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State funding boost for Rubber vine eradication

7 August 2012

Rangelands NRM will receive a $1 million injection of State Government funding to target core infestations of the aggressive Rubber Vine weed in the Kimberley region.

Regional Landcare Facilitator for Rangelands NRM, Mel McDonald welcomed the grant and said intensive on ground activities over the next three years aim to identify and control all new germinations of the Rubber vine (Cryptostegia grandiflora) within the 5,878 Hectares of core infestations.

“Rubber vine is a woody perennial vine that colonises areas, aggressively forming impenetrable thickets and dense canopies,” Mrs McDonald said.

“It smothers and chokes native vegetation, preventing both human and animal access and damages ecosystems by reducing biodiversity.

The project will target the only known infestations of Rubber vine in WA. Work will be carried out at two areas within the Kimberley Region – the southern end of Lake Argyle and the lower Fitzroy River near Willare. Surveillance over larger strategic areas surrounding the cores will locate any outlier infestations.

The project, working in partnership with the Lake Argyle Rubber Vine Advisory Committee, West Kimberley Rubber Vine Steering Committee, the WA Departments of Environment and Conservation and Agriculture and Food, and the Kimberley Rangelands Biosecurity Association, will incorporate a cycle of monitoring, evaluation, review and improvement with annual on-ground activities informed by the analysis and evaluation of data collected from the previous year.

“The threat posed by an invasion of Rubber vine to key environmental assets, biodiversity, indigenous culture, tourism, recreation, the pastoral industry and agriculture is of grave concern,” Mrs McDonald said.

“Rubber vine in Northern Queensland costs industry millions each year.”

“We are working towards at least a 90% reduction in Rubber vine by the end of 2014, with no mature plants capable of producing seed found in the final survey for this project.”

Mrs McDonald said the funding from government will be matched dollar-for-dollar by cash and in-kind contributions from various stakeholders in the Kimberley.



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