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Support for recovery of threatened species in Birriliburu and Kiwirrkurra

[March 2014]

Traditional Owners are working to support rare and threatened fauna in remote Western Australia through combining traditional knowledge with contemporary science.

Funded through Rangelands NRM, and managed by the Central Desert Native Title Service (CDNTS), the project will focus on the management of key threatened fauna species and priority biodiversity assets in the Birriliburu and Kiwirrkurra determinations.

Project Manager from CDNTS, Hamish Morgan said through active on-ground management by Traditional Owners, both traditional and contemporary NRM practices will be implemented to reduce critical threats.

“The project focuses on a number of threatened fauna species – the crest-tail mulgara, greater bilby and the greater desert skink as well as significant natural and cultural areas, listed as priority assets in the Rangelands NRM regional plan and in the Birriliburu (final) and Kiwirrkurra (in preparation) Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) plans of management,” Mr Morgan said.

This project builds on a previous federally-funded Caring for Our Country project managed by Rangelands NRM: Bio-Regional NRM in the WA Rangelands Western Desert Project, that worked in collaboration with Birriliburu TOs and other partners focused on the declining status of threatened species in WA’s remote desert rangelands.

“Through its emphasis on partnership, Indigenous capacity building and community engagement, it has built a strong foundation and a core set of Indigenous NRM skills, upon which the current projects builds and strengthens to ensure that strong environmental and social outcomes are continued to be met,” Mr Morgan said.

The project will deliver 120,000 hectares per annum of fire management, threatened species management and introduced predator/herbivore management around key threatened species habitats.

“Ongoing monitoring, mosaic patch burning and reduction of predators will help to reduce threats on threatened species,” Mr Morgan said.

For more information, contact Hamish Morgan at CDNTS or Bill Currans at Rangelands NRM.

Image: Wiluna Martu men and women rangers with Desert Discovery ecologists, Canning Stock Route. (©Emma Drake)