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Tackling erosion control in the Upper Gascoyne LCDC area

The Upper Gascoyne LCDC has completed a project using conventional methods and trialling innovative new ways of erosion control.

With funding from Rangelands NRM and the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country, six stations undertook on-ground activities to address erosion control issues in their particular context, enabling a range of methods to be used.

Rangelands NRM Southern Rangelands Program Manager Jane Bradley said the methods employed included ponding banks, water spreading banks, experimental sieve structures and sediment traps, moving watering points out of fragile riparian zones and self-muster yards to assist with grazing management.

“In order to determine the effectiveness of the on-ground activities, each station has also established rangeland condition monitoring points within the zone of influence of the on-ground activities,” Ms Bradley said.

These sites will be surveyed on a regular basis to monitor improvements or otherwise in land condition as a result of the activities.

Education and information sharing was undertaken as part of a workshop held on rangeland erosion, which 24 participants attended. The workshop, held at Yinnetharra on 4 April 2013, covered the causes of erosion, contributing factors and various control techniques.  Attendees were also shown how to set up rangeland condition monitoring sites.

“Key learnings that were taken away from the workshop included the low water use efficiency of rangelands (90 per cent of all rain running off), the large loss of production possible from continuing erosion, a greater appreciation of how water flow can be managed and the importance of keeping water in the landscape,” Ms Bradley said.

Ms Bradley said feedback for the workshop and project has been positive.

“All participants indicated that workshop material was relevant, they had learnt something, their skills and knowledge of erosion control had increased and they were likely to use the new information,” she said.

For further information on the project, contact Jason Hastie, Upper Gascoyne LCDC Chair on 9943 0586 or Jane Bradley on janeb@rangelandwa.com.au or 0499 977 107.