Meet The Team

Gaye Mackenzie

Chief Executive Officer

Joined Rangelands NRM: 2010

Qualifications: BA Hons (Sociology & Politics and International Studies), PhD Sociology

Role at Rangelands NRM: Leading the organisation and inspiring colleagues and our external partners to work together to achieve more in the rangelands.

Skills: Putting the ‘people’ side of NRM at the centre. Finding links and synergies between people, ideas and activities

Passionate about: Finding new and better ways to do things. Finding space to allow ‘collective intelligence’ to do its thing–Gaye strongly believes in the concept of ‘more heads are better than one’

Prior experience: Qualitative social research, program and project evaluation, facilitation

Location: Perth

Email Gaye
Tel: 08 9468 8252
Mobile: 0403 404 191
Suite 1, 125 Melville Parade, Como, WA 6152
Main number: 08 9468 8250