Meet The Team

Joy Sherlock

Program Manager

Joined Rangelands NRM: October 2019

Qualifications: Bachelor of Agribusiness, Major 1 – Agricultural Technologies, Major 2 – Agricultural Marketing

Role at Rangelands NRM: Coordinating the delivery of and looking for new opportunities for NRM projects by helping local, regional and national stakeholders to network and collaborate on matters of common concern. Helping to connect opportunities for additional funding within these collaborations.

Prior experience: Senior extension agronomist with a focus on assisting pastoralists with diversification. Environmental and agribusiness consultant with a focus on soil nutrient balance/soil testing and monitoring programs, water testing, monitoring and management. Strategic business planning and facilitation. Development, training and implementation of environmental management systems, mining rehabilitation and beef producer/pastoralist.

Location: Dongara/Geraldon

Email: Joy
Mobile: 0419 328 535