Meet The Team

Kieran Massie

Program Manager (Southern Rangelands)

Joined Rangelands NRM: November 2015

Qualifications: Master of Urban and Regional Planning; Bachelor of Arts (Geography)

Role at Rangelands NRM: Supporting communities, groups and individual land managers to look after their own patch. Kieran takes a co-design approach to developing programs of work, recognising that local ownership is vital to the success of land management initiatives.

Skills: A keen awareness and appreciation of the complex opportunities and challenges facing the southern rangelands region. Kieran’s professional experiences and background in regional development have instilled in him a strong sense of social justice and a desire to contribute to the growth and development of resilient regional communities.

Passionate about: Contributing to improved social, economic and environmental outcomes for rural and remote communities throughout the southern rangelands region, and ensuring equitable community and economic development more broadly throughout regional Western Australia.

Prior experience: Worked in the Western Australian public service for five years, actively involved in assisting the growth of resilient communities through economic diversification, capacity building and skills transfer within the Departments of State Development; Regional Development and Lands; and the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority.

Location: Perth

Email Kieran
Tel: 08 9468 8255
Mob: 0499 977 107
Suite 1, 125 Melville Parade, Como, WA 6152
Main Number: 08 9468 8250