Meet The Team

Mary-Anne (Mez) Clunies-Ross

Project Officer

Joined Rangelands NRM: 2014

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management, Diploma in Organic Agriculture

Role at Rangelands NRM: Working in the Southern Rangelands with local and regional community groups on environmental, pastoral and indigenous projects and developing new partnerships.

Prior experience: Worked in a whole range of fields following her degree–from government to consulting and non-government organisations. Started working with pastoralists in the Pilbara a few years ago, particularly those in the Fortescue River catchment. It was here that Mez delved into the wonderful world of landcare and pastoralism.

Location: Mount Magnet

Email: Mez
Mobile: 0413 857 048
Yoweragabbie Station, Mount Magnet WA 6638
PO Box 61, Mount Magnet WA 6638