Meet The Team

Mel McDonald

Project Manager (Kimberley)

Joined Rangelands NRM: Nov 2010

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Environmental Restoration.

Role at Rangelands NRM: Bringing pieces of the puzzle for pastoralists to achieve their land management and productivity improvement goals. Providing what is needed: knowledge through training events, networking with one another and access to expertise; financial assistance to undertake a trial or project; assistance to measure the results of a trial; support for their industry body; or simply someone on the end of the phone to keep them honest and on track to achieve their goals.

Skills: Organisation, project management and keeping on top of the detail.

Passionate about: Food production and empowering people to achieve their aspirations in caring for the land and improving productivity.

Prior experience: A lifetime on the land and a career in NRM.

Location: Springvale Station, East Kimberley.

Email: Mel
Tel: 08 9168 7513 (Springvale Station)
Mobile: 0428 948 728 (often out of range)
c/- Unit 11 Lotteries House, 20 Cable Beach Road East, Broome WA 6725
PO Box 1868, Broome WA 6725