Meet The Team

Mike Clark


Mike has over 36 years’ work experience in natural resource management in the Northern Territory and North West Western Australia. He is currently the Principal at Australian Vegetation Management Services, prior to which he worked for Greening Australia (WA) as the Pilbara Program Manager for six years. Mike has experience in technical and scientific fields of horticultural research, native plant landscaping, forestry, nursery production, botany, resource survey, native flora management planning, development of landscape scale conservation projects, off-reserve conservation and carbon sequestration initiatives. Major programs he has worked on include One Billion Trees, National Corridors of Green, Bushcare Support (Natural Heritage Trust), Forestry for Farms, Farm Forestry Support, Farm Forestry Regional Support, Aboriginal Landcare Education Program, River Recovery, Pilbara Conservation Program, Pilbara Indigenous CLM Training Program, Pilbara Corridors Project, Land for Wildlife (NT), and Eco- Link (NT).