Meet The Team

Quinton Clasen

Innovation & Development Manager

Joined Rangelands NRM:  April 2015

Qualifications: Natural Resource Management degree with honours from UWA

Role at Rangelands NRM: Working on the organisation’s capability development, transforming ideas and practice into making a real difference on the ground. Also working on innovation leveraged from collaborative efforts that have large-scale impact and well as contributing to advancing the organisation’s strategy.

Skills: Bringing creativity to traditional approaches and long standing priority issues, which is grounded to people working in the area.

Passionate about: So often amazed about the quality of solutions that can come out of group processes or from just a simple discussion between people who want bigger change to happen. Some of the most stubborn and biggest challenges in the rangelands are being worked on by combining forces and stimulating the thinking of those who share a concern. Think about what we can accomplish if we stop competing so hard and work together more.

Prior experience: Led the WA operations of an environmental services company delivering large-scale revegetation programs, biodiversity restoration, and land management services for some of the nation’s largest resource clients and the Australian Government.  Has had diverse managerial, technical and R&D roles in a large agribusiness and forestry operator. A key focus of these roles was overseeing land evaluation programs and the investigation of new business regions in southern Australia.

Location: Perth

Email: Quinton
Tel: 08 9468 8254
Mobile: 0419 877 657
Suite 1, 125 Melville Parade, Como, WA 6152
Main number: 08 9468 8250