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The untold Story of Roebuck Bay wins the Day

The untold story of Roebuck Bay was revealed recently to an audience of over 400 people. Helped by Stephen Pigram’s lyrics about black kites, lustrous pearls and blue bone soup, the mysteries of Roebuck Bay spilled out on the shores of Roebuck Bay during the ‘Celebrate the Bay Day’ on 12 August.

The lively event had the town abuzz and included music, gelatos, telescopes, microscopes, a boat, an aquarium, and a photo and dolphin sighting competition. 2012 saw the event located at Town Beach on the Bay to make it more community focused.

The talks and activities showcased Roebuck Bay’s dinosaurs herds, its migratory shorebirds, the fabulous variety of invertebrates that live in the mudflats, and the seagrass and mangroves that are nurseries for young fish and prawns.

The crowd enjoyed learning how our community can help prevent algal blooms in the bay, the coral and dolphin research underway at the new Kimberley Marine Research Station at Cygnet Bay, how the bay is being managed and safe fishing techniques.

Congratulations to the winners of the Celebrate the Bay photo competition: Roger Grohmann, Fiona Bishop and Miranda Curran.

The day was run by the award-winning Roebuck Bay Working Group (RBWG) and the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), and funded by National Science Week and Rangelands NRM.

Photo 1: Kandy Curran (RBWG) explaining aspects of the ‘Lyngbia’ display

Photo 2: Jeff Cooper, Broome Fishing Club and Kimberley Training Institute, talk to the locals about sustainable fishing

For more information, contact Jimmy Dobson or Kandy Curran (Roebuck Bay Working Group)