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Two more stations undergo wildlife assessment

Both Challa Station and Carey Downs Station have recently become registered Land for Wildlife properties.

Rangelands NRM’s ‘Land for Wildlife’ (LfW) program is providing land managers the opportunity to better integrate conservation values into a productive pastoral/grazing system.

Rangelands NRM Project Officer Mez Clunies-Ross said both parties expressed some interest in the Land for Wildlife program at the start of 2019.

Mez visited Challa Station, run by Debbie and Ashley Dowden in the Murchison from 25-26 March.

Carey Downs Station, managed by Alys and Harry McKeogh, was visited from 13-14 May. Carey Downs is the first LfW assessment completed in the Gascoyne region in WA.

“Stations have been keen to showcase their existing environmental practices and how their grazing systems positively impact the conservation of wildlife habitat,” Mez said.

“Land for Wildlife is one example of how they can achieve this.”

Mez said it was fantastic having a good close look at both properties, especially Carey Downs.

“It’s amazing what you find through different seasons and post rainfall,” she said.

Pools teaming with life

Harry McKeogh of Carey Downs said he was amazed at all the species found in the pools.

“I have never really taken the time to have a really good look.”

“Working through this with Mez was fantastic as she had researched all the species that we should have on our property and was very knowledgable about the species found in the pools,” Harry said.

Harry said now they have a better idea about the exact location of all the wildlife, they will use this in management decisions to ensure that they protect their habitats.

“Land for Wildlife for me has made me really look at the all the wildlife we see every day and try to identify what it is,” Harry said.

Confirming bird and plant species

Ashley Dowden from Challa Station said he completely enjoyed the process.

“I was happy to confirm the certainty of some bird species and plants,” he said.

“Learning to read the country and how all the critters work into the production system was valuable,” Ashley said.

If you are interested in becoming a Land for Wildlife property in the WA rangelands please contact the office on 08 9468 8250 or info@rangelandswa.com.au

Top: Plant investigation at Challa Station.
Right: Cardilya Pool at Carey Downs.