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Weeds of National Significance in the Pilbara

Advancing Effective Management of WoNS in the Pilbara

The key of this project is to ensure that mesquite and parkinsonia management across the Pilbara pastoral region is coordinated, that strategic weed control programs and partnerships are developed across land tenures and that investment is focused on the most at-risk and high priority infestations. A Project Manager is employed by the Pilbara Mequite Management Committee (PMMC) on a full time basis and is located in Karratha.

This project will assist in the coordination of on-ground surveillance and provide some base funding to advance the control of mesquite and parkinsonia infestations across 80,000 hectares of the Pilbara, in conjunction with relevant land managers. Focus will be on using the trained station staff indicated above to complete the majority of works. The project will prioritise and target infestations which are localised, achievable to aim for eradication or regionally threatening to key assets. Strong emphasis will be placed on the monitoring, evaluation and record keeping of programs to ensure data is being captured and recoded adequately.


Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee (PMMC)

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