NRM Regions Australia is the representative group of the National NRM Chairs’ Forum. The Forum of all the Chairs of Australia’s 56 regional NRM bodies was established by the then Natural Resource Ministerial Council in 2003 and meets eight times a year by teleconference and twice a year in person. The Forum provides an opportunity for each of the 56 Chairs to build networks, share information and receive briefings on strategic direction for NRM policies and programs.

NRM WA connects the seven WA NRM groups: Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC), Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, Perth NRM, Rangelands NRM, South Coast NRM, South West Catchment Council (SWCC) and Wheatbelt NRM. Collectively, NRM WA helps to align the natural resource management priorities and efforts of the Australian and State/Territory governments with those of regional communities and local governments.

The Rangelands NRM Alliance is a network formed by 14 NRM organisations from across Australia that aims to influence the rangeland policy agenda.