Membership is available to organisations only. We engage with individuals through the Friends of Rangelands program (for more information visit our Friends of Rangelands page).

Eligibility for Membership

There is no fee charged for being a Member.

Our Membership represent organisations that have a genuine interest in natural resource management. The eligible category of Members include:

  1. Incorporated associations (not-for-profit organisations) that have an active interest in natural resources management as identifiable in their Constitution’s objectives;
  2. Educational institutes and research bodies that have an active interest in natural resource management;
  3. Australian, State and local governments and their agencies that have primary responsibility for Natural Resource Management and sustainable use of natural resources, by way of statutory responsibility, function or regulatory capacity;
  4. Other legal entities (i.e. businesses) that have an interest in, and responsibility for, sustainable use of natural resources; and
  5. Community groups in Western Australia having more than fifteen (15) members that have an interest and participate in natural resource management.

Please complete the Membership Form

Fill in the online Membership Form

Please email this completed to form to, or post to:
Rangelands NRM WA, Suite 12, 58 Kishorn Road, Mt Pleasant WA 6153.