If you are interested in natural resource management, or currently working in this area, you might be interesting in becoming a member of Rangelands NRM.

Membership is offered to both organisations and individuals, who meet the eligibility criteria.

Full Members will have access to:

**when they become known to RNRM


Membership to Rangelands NRM is open to:

  1. Individuals with an active interest in the management of natural resources within the region
  2. Corporations or other body corporates (with the exception ofShire, Local Council or Government bodies) that:

Annual Membership Fee $100.00 +GST 

Please complete the Membership Form

Fill in the online Membership Form

Please email this completed form to, or post to:
Rangelands NRM WA, Suite 12, 58 Kishorn Road, Mt Pleasant WA 6153.


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