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World Bee Day!

Celebrating all things bees this World Bee Day – Thursday, May 20!

Here in Australia we have the healthiest bees in the world – free from bee pests and diseases – with The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment staying committed to both bee health and sustainable bee keeping.

Working collaboratively with the states and territories, the department is constantly on alert to detect anything that will threaten our bees here in Australia, and is actively engaged in surveillance and other readiness activities to keep our bees safe from pests and disease.

World Bee Day on Thursday, May 20, raises awareness to the essential role that bees play in keeping the world healthy, as well as the many challenges bees face.

As we know, bees play a major role in a variety of circumstances. They bring commercial value for their honey and beeswax production, are vital in preserving ecosystem health, provide essential pollination for plants, and assist in maintaining plant fitness and genetic diversity.

Australia is home to more than 1,500 species of native bees, with the vast majority a solitary species that scientists have grouped into five families. There are also around 100 known Australian species of bees that have a specialised relationship with an Australian plant species. This means, if something were to happen to the native bee, the native plant relying on it for pollination would have no way of reproducing. The ripple effect if these native bees disappeared from our environment would continue through to effect all the animals, birds and other species of plants that rely on those plants for habitat and food. So you can understand why it’s paramount to keep our bees protected!

Summed up perfectly by Trevor Weatherhead AM – Chair of the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council Inc.

“There is a need to keep our bees healthy by the prudent use of pesticides and securing resources such as our tree, because we know that healthy bees = healthy people”