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Yarrie Station kicks off pilot Land for Wildlife program

Rangelands NRM are in the process of rolling out a tailored and locally relevant ‘Land for Wildlife’ pilot program in the WA rangelands.

The pilot program will provide the opportunity for land managers to better integrate conservation values into a productive pastoral/grazing system.

“In the first instance the new pilot program will provide the opportunity to ‘beef up’ your wildlife friendly credentials with programs you’re probably already employing,” Rangelands NRM Project Officer Mez Clunies-Ross said.

“This will be achieved by creating mutually-beneficial business and environmental services, without compromising existing farm income streams”.

The result?

A well credentialed-plan (Land for Wildlife) to show how your station is taking a holistic landscape management approach to production in 2018 and beyond.

For example, Mez said, some land managers are working on developing fire strategies for their spinifex country to bring a finer-grained fire-scar mosaic back to the country to minimise the risk of damaging wildfires.

“This is being done in association with grazing-based fuel reduction and actual prescribed burns, which they see as benefiting their pastures and the key wildlife species also being affected by wildfires,” she said.

In another example, some producers are identifying key wildlife refuges—such as wetlands—and looking to minimise disturbance through different grazing strategies and virtual fencing systems.

“Land for Wildlife is helping producers showcase what they’re already doing,” Mez said.

Yarrie Station has been the first property to volunteer for the program in the WA rangelands.

“We recently went up to the property to do a Land for Wildlife Assessment and received great results which showcased how well grazing and habitat conservation can co-exist, particularly in terms of sustaining Bilby populations,” she said.

Owner of Yarrie Station Annabelle Coppin said Land for Wildlife is a way to officially document the biodiversity on Yarrie.

“We strongly believe we need to focus on and highlight this area of our management on Yarrie for a viable and vibrant future of rangeland beef production,” Annabelle said.

Rangelands NRM are seeking Expressions of Interest from stations/land managers that would like to be part of the pilot ‘Land for Wildlife’ program in the WA rangelands. For more information please contact Mez Clunies-Ross on 0413 857 048 or email.