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Yawuru IPA official ceremony held

Notification of the Dedication of the Yawuru IPA was received in January and an official ceremony was held at Sheep Camp on Roebuck Plains Station on 22 August 2017 with about 150 guests.

Manager–Native Title & Environmental Services at Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd, Julie Melbourne said it was an opportunity to recognise the important Yawuru values identified for protection in the IPA Plan of Management.

“Ongoing work by the NTES (LAS) team includes research and monitoring to build a deeper understanding for maintaining the health of the country,” she said.

A key project for IPA Country Managers is Protecting the Springs and Wetlands on Roebuck Plains Station Project.

Ms Melbourne said the Country Managers have undertaken a massive effort fencing significant springs and wetlands from the impact of cattle and also produced signs to welcome people to the IPA on the station.

“The Dedication ceremony was an opportunity to show guests newly fenced areas to be able to demonstrate the before and after fencing affect and decreased impact of cattle, ” Ms Melbourne said.